[双语阅读] Towns和狼群们:不紧不慢,恰到好处!

[双语阅读] Towns和狼群们:不紧不慢,恰到好处!

March 19, 2017)


BOSTON — There are two buses that take teams to visiting arenas on game days. There is a pecking order to everything in the NBA, even transportation.


The first bus usually contains the trainers and support staff along with the guys at the end of the bench. These are your rookie second-round picks, your undrafted free agents, and your non-guaranteed contracts, who arrive early to get their work in before everyone else arrives. For whatever other status the second bus provides, most starters prefer to go through their routines closer to gametime when the energy in the arena is starting to build.

Karl-Anthony Towns坐在第一辆车里,每次客场都一样,随行的还有新秀Kris Dunn和二年级的Tyus Jones。比赛开始两个半小时之前,Towns就来到了球场练习投篮,那时的观众席上,还只有接待生和记录台人员。

Karl-Anthony Towns takes the first bus. He does it before every road game, along with rookie Kris Dunn and second-year man Tyus Jones. Two-and-a-half hours before tip-off, Towns can be found on the court getting up shots for an audience of ushers and scoreboard operators.


He shoots from all over the court, launching 25-footers with as much ease as he does 5-foot hooks. Towns rarely jumps when he shoots. He shuffles his feet ever so slightly like an old man playing pop-a-shot. When he’s done, he sits down with assistant coaches and watches video.

[双语阅读] Towns和狼群们:不紧不慢,恰到好处!

在21岁的年纪,Towns就有了10年老将一般的职业习惯。Jones觉得,这些习惯是Kevin Garnett还在的那段短暂时光中,一点一点磨出来的。抛开KG为灰狼做的其他贡献,他亲身向这群小狼们展示了什幺叫职业,这点至关重要。

Still just 21 years old, Towns has the work habits of a 10-year vet. Jones believes those habits were honed by watching Kevin Garnett during their brief time together. For whatever else KG brought to the Timberwolves, he showed the young pups how to work.


「He was the first one in the building even when he wasn’t playing,」 Jones said of Garnett. 「He’d have a full workout in even by the time anyone else got there. That rubbed off on KAT.」


It’s completely understandable if all of this sounds a bit too precocious. Towns is nothing if not earnest. Yet player after player praised his commitment and habits and it wasn’t just his young peers testifying for their guy. Even the vets, or what passes for vets on this roster, focused on Towns’ work ethic when describing what makes him tick.

从Cole Aldrich——「他每天都会来努力训练、想方设法的提高」——到Brandon Rush:「他无时无刻不在努力,永远泡在训练馆里,永远想成为最强球员之一。」

From Cole Aldrich — 「He comes in every day and puts his work in and finds a way to get better」 — to Brandon Rush: 「He works all the time. He’s in the gym non-stop and he wants to be one of the top players in the game.」


(In a life-comes-at-you-fast moment, Rush offered a great perspective on his freshly minted veteran status: 「I’m the oldest guy on the court,」 he said. 「It’s weird. Yeah, it’s weird as hell. I take that in stride and go with it. I try to mentor the young fellas. They listen to me because they know I’ve been a part of winning teams. I had great vets so I’m trying to be a good vet.」)


All that work is paying off for Towns. He began his second season as a rising phenom and will end it with serious consideration for an All-NBA spot. We all may have expected that leap, but it shouldn’t be taken for granted. Towns has expanded his range beyond the 3-point line, improved his playmaking and scoring, and added to his post game. Before running out of gas in a loss to theCeltics on Wednesday, he had been averaging 27.6 points and 15.4 over his last 11 games.


「Every year I’m able to let more things out in my toolbag,」 Towns said. 「For me, experiencing how it is to win in the NBA, finding different ways to win.」

是啊,赢球,这也是今年灰狼最大的问题。很多时候,他们都能早早取得领先,之后受到神祕力量影响以完全无法解释的方式崩盘。之前很多人都相信,在新帅Tom Thibodeau治下,防守将会成为球队强项,然而现实中这大半赛季以来,他们一次次被防守拖了后腿。这些特点最明显的一个解释,就是他们是联盟最最年轻的球队。

Right, winning. That’s been the biggest issue for the Wolves this year. Many a time they would build a nice lead and then inexplicably blow it in the final quarter. Their defense, which many believed would become a strength under first-year coach Tom Thibodeau, consistently let them down throughout the two thirds of the season. The obvious reason for all of that is they are the youngest team in the league.


「This is a unique situation,」 Aldrich said. 「Every other team that I’ve been on our quote unquote superstars have been older, established guys in the league. (Thibodeau) has the challenge of getting those guys over the hump to winning superstars. He’s one of those guys that can do that. It takes time and as much as we don’t want to be patient …」

[双语阅读] Towns和狼群们:不紧不慢,恰到好处! 有耐心是件好事,慢工出细活。然而,耐心带来的奖励很不明显,等真正显露出来,会让人有恍然大悟的感觉,就像是灰狼队前几週的火热一样。所有人都说,这并非是他们突然开窍了。上一週还输掉稳赢的比赛,下一週就能在拉锯战中生磨出胜利。一场接一场的胜利不断累加,忽然之间,他们就成了强队,客场战胜爵士,主场拿下快艇勇士。

Patience is good. Patience gets rewarded. Patience, however, rarely reveals itself. When it does, it can feel like a revelation as it has in the case of the Wolves surge over the last few weeks. They all insist that there was no a-ha moment. One week they were losing winnable games and the next they were grinding out victories. One win built on top of another and suddenly they were beating Utah on the road and the Clippers and Warriors at home.

Towns星光闪耀,他可说是上个月联盟最强内线了;除他之外,Ricky Rubio和Andrew Wiggins也为球队打出了明星级表现。Thibodeau的轮换终于除去了阴霾,球员们也都适应了自己的角色。最重要的是,过去十来场比赛,球队打出了精英级的防守。他们发现,赢球这点事,其实赢着赢着,就习惯了,等有了这习惯了,就能赢球了。

As brilliant as Towns has been, and he’s been arguably the best big man in the league for the last month, the Wolves have also received stellar performances from Ricky Rubio and Andrew Wiggins. Thibodeau’s rotation has tightened up a bit and players are comfortable with their roles. Most importantly, their team defense has been among the elite for the last dozen games or so. What they’ve discovered is that winning is just another habit that can be learned through repetition.


「When things start to slow down, that’s why we’re able to come away with wins recently,」 Towns said. 「We’re seeing things a step ahead sometimes. We’re reacting. The biggest thing is we’re staying disciplined when the game is at crunch time in the fourth quarter.」


It’s probably too late to make a meaningful playoff push, but for both Towns and the Wolves, this stretch of games has been the culmination of a season-long quest for legitimacy. While remaining every bit the detail-oriented taskmaster he was in Chicago, Thibodeau did not allow the lackluster results to get in the way of his long-range vision for the club. When others fretted about their lack of tangible progress, Thibs was encouraged by their diligence.


「I never fooled myself that it was something other than it was,」 Thibodeau said. 「If you took a look at the numbers and you dive into the games and see how they unfolded from a year ago, you knew you weren’t close to winning. You had to improve.」

对Thibodeau来说,学习与提高是他在明尼苏达头一年的两大任务。休赛期他曾想带来Luol Deng,却被湖人砸钱拦截;这之后,他与总经理Scott Layden便倾向于给年轻人些自由空间,让他们共同成长。他们也许没能做到许多人期待的突破,闯入季后赛,但这赛季也有不少值得学习借鉴的时刻。

To Thibodeau, learning and improvement are the two pillars of his inaugural season in Minnesota. Having been outspent by the Lakers in an effort to landLuol Deng in the offseason, he and his general manager Scott Layden preferred to give the young roster room to breathe and grow up together. That may not have resulted in the postseason breakthrough many expected, but it’s made for a ton of teachable moments.

[双语阅读] Towns和狼群们:不紧不慢,恰到好处!


「There’s been a lot of learning,」 Thibodeau said. 「When you take a hard look at learning and how you learn, trial and error is a big part of it. You explain things, you have repetition in practice, and then you go out into the game and see if it can be executed. Each game reveals exactly where you are.」


Where the Wolves are is an interesting proposition. They will likely end up back in the lottery with another chance to nab another 20-something talent to a roster that is bursting with them. They will also have ample cap space to entice a veteran or two, but decisions will have to be made soon on a few internal matters.

Shabazz Muhammad会成为受限制自由球员,Wiggins和Zach LaVine也都到了提前续约的时候。LaVine前交叉韧带撕裂报销后,球队的防守就来了个180度大转弯,这一点可没逃过群众的眼睛。有人便开始疑问了,下赛季,让LaVine打第六人专心板凳得分,会不会给球队的帮助更大些。

Shabazz Muhammad is a restricted free agent and Wiggins and Zach LaVineare eligible for extensions in the offseason. It has not escaped notice that the Wolves’ defensive turnaround has taken place while LaVine has been out with a torn ACL. One wonders if the Wolves would be better served having LaVine assume a scoring sixth-man role when he returns next season.


The point guard situation also remains murky. Rubio has been phenomenal while Dunn has struggled. Despite his existence as a living trade rumor, Rubio still has two more years left on his contract at a favorable rate in these cap-inflated times. At the very least, Dunn has acquitted himself well on the defensive end. The Wolves could use help on the wing and more shooting, always more shooting.


For now, though, there is still more to learn and more to experience. Life on the playoff periphery may not have been the end goal many imagined and it won’t help end a 12-year postseason drought. It does make for some important and compelling basketball down the stretch.


「It makes it interesting,」 Thibodeau allowed. 「For us, I want to establish a routine. If you look ahead and you skip over steps that’s how you slip. Know your opponent well, have your routine established, and don’t get lost whether it’s praise, criticism, what’s ahead, what some people may view as daunting. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. It only matters what we think and we believe.」

就这样,Karl-Anthony Towns早早来训练了。这就是他的常规习惯,也让他受益良多。他和灰狼队都照着时间表按部就班地成长着,不紧不慢,恰到好处。

And so, Karl-Anthony Towns gets to work early. It’s his routine and it has served him well. He and the Wolves are progressing on their timetable and it’s happening right on schedule.